August 21, 2006
Everything up through to Prince of Tennis is complete (until I start adding more than the base, again...). I've started trying to make browsing a bit easier (if only for me) so the Crossovers section has somet random wonky coding at the top that should be fixed soon. When it does get fixed, you'll be able to go from one page to the next just by clicking..... we'll see if I'll keep it, or if it'll disappear once I'm done building the page.

July 9, 2006.
Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Loveless are now NOT under construction! (until the next time I actually update the content >_>;).

July 8, 2006
Fixed problems on the DiR&KKM pages, working on the others that are currently under construction A-N. If anyone's curious, I AM going to finish what I have for each of the sections before adding in the newer recs from my livejournal. :]

June 9, 2006
Eeeeh, it's been way too long since I updated. And this is a pathetic update. Added a favicon, that's it.. though hopefully more will happen over the next week or so! *guilt*

May 15, 2006
Found a fic rec that hadn't been included before: LotR, HP, SV section under construction again. SG1, DW, Digimon updated.
Loveless-Numb3rs is up.

May 14, 2006
Crossovers, FF7, FMA, Good Omens, HP, Smallville, SG1 sections updated... Though the SG1 section is still under construction, and will be for a while.
KKM & LotR done. Fanlisting section added (linked through the Read Me file.)

April 24, 2006
Smallville section finished; category notes explanation added to the "read me" section.

April 22, 2006
Yeeeah, so a bit of a delay between the updates, much? BUT. I've decided to get over my fear of the big sections, and have started work on the Smallville section. I have all the links up, though organization & categorization must still happen. It'd happen NOW, but I must go watch figure skating. :D
Also, crossover section updated.

April 13, 2006
Added some random bits, finished the HP section. Short update today. :]

April 12, 2006
Continued build up; links, read me pages added. Up to Harry Potter up, though HP itself is still under construction. *twitches at coding*

April 11, 2006
Setup of the page begins. Criminal Minds, Crossover sections are up.