Important Stuff and Random Notes

This page deals mainly in slash (guy on guy). Some of the content it links to is graphic in nature, whether due to violence, sexuality or sexual sitations. All will be clearly marked, but read at your OWN DISCRETION.

Note to visiting authors: this page DOES NOT host any pieces of fanfiction. It links to them. :] No theft going on here.

Now that that's over with, please note that while this site is under construction, I'll only be posting links to things already posted on my lj (ie, stuff I've read in the last year or so). It's too much work for me to get through all that backlog and come up with new recs at once; sections that seem small right now will eventually get better... if they're in the misc. section, it's because I probably won't be reading much for that fandom.
:] Enjoy the fics.

alien: deals with Clark being very alien, whether physically or in attitude, while not being Kal-El or affected by Red Kryptonite
alternate future: a kind of alternate universe, in which things are all the same-- up to a certain episode/season OR which has a different future than implied/stated by canon
Batman/Justice League: Smallville; involving Batman or involving the Justice League (since I don't think they count as crossovers)
long: 100-299KB
LONG: 300KB+
pairing order: I take mine literally; who I have first is who is on top. This does NOT reflect characterization-- I tend to be steady on that, no matter who is topping.
plot: only on long/LONG fics; plot is very good/the focus of the story/caught my eye :D
romance: only on long/LONG fics; getting the characters together is the main point of the fic-- doesn't necessarily imply romance. The story can have a plot, but the main focus is the relationship.
switch: characters switch who is on top

If you're interested in getting me to read something, check out my fanlistings list-- many of the things I've seen/watched are there, if not all. :]